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laser hair regrowth system

I I have been using my hair regrowth , since I received it. I use it 3 times a week for 10 minutes each. And I am very happy with it. Thank you!

I bought a few different beard straightener brushes for my hubby but it did absolutely nothing! I bought this one seeing that it was designed for men and went all the way up to 450 degrees F. My husband raves about it! He has a birds nest beard and this brush softens and straightens it in a few brush strokes. His beard looks fuller, longer and healthier than ever before :) It also works wonders on women's hair as well!

This is a perfect curl size. Not too big or small. Easy to do by yourself or for other people too. My hair is dry and have a lot of damage from chemical but this tools is good enough to not damage my hair more. Otherwise, this tools can save your time on rush hour. Just count 1-2-3 and done! Perfect curl. (I separate my hair for 3layers).

I have a couple of curling irons but I have never owned a 3 barrel curling iron, so I decided to purchase one to achieve the wavy hair look. I chose this one mainly because of the white and gold color and the good reviews, luckily it didn't disappointment me. It is very easy to use. It heats up very quickly, and it doesn't take long to finish curling, therefore it is perfect for when you are running out of time to get ready. I love the wavy curls these barrels give, but i got to practice more to get a perfect hair look. :)

The product works great. I have naturally curly/frizzy hair and my daughter's hair is very straight. We both tried this out and both loved our results. I would recommend for any hair type based on our experiences. It also heated up very quickly for us.

Do yourself a favor and buy this! Love it!

After reading the specs I chose this beard straightener over dozens of others. It has the capability of heating up to hotter temps than most for the most unruly beards. I can also keep it low and gentle temps for quick freshen ups. It looks great. It has very easy to use buttons and digital screen read outs. The brush itself works great and doesnt pull hair. It only takes a few passes. This is a great product and well worth the money. I would definitely reccomend this for anybody wanting a great straightener for beards or hair

I like this product very much. The quality is very good. The curled hair is very natural and convenient. You can get a beautiful hairstyle by yourself when you go to a party in the future, saving money and time!

Pretty nice. This is much convenient than traditional iron curler. eeasy to use and curve hair very fast. I like the automatic cutler. My hair is thin and not too long. It works very well. But for long and thick hair. It will take more time.

Such an easy product to use for thin hair. I have had issues with other brands not curling my hair, this was super easy and quick to heat up. My go to curling iron now.

I absolutely love this curling tool! Had to get used to how it works and the settings. But once you learn how to use it, its GREAT! Makes great curls in shoulder length or longer hair. Curls last all day and into the next day. Whoever created this is a genius!

The cordless auto curler is great if you want a soft, loose wavy curl. This is easy to use once you do a few curls. You get better results with small strands of hair, less than 1/2 an inch. I would recommend using a curl enhancing gel or moose before or hairspray or setting spray after. The instructions say to keep it on the curl until the beeps stop, but my hair is thin and I used small strands of hair so I took it off before the beeps ended. It was so fun my husband wanted to do it! See the pics!

This was smaller than I expected, which is even better! It’s compact and comes with a carrying bag. Great for travel and on the go. You don’t need need to be attached to the wall outlet when using this curler. It’s USB charged, and you can even charge it off a power bank. It’s a straightforward device yet I find it to be revolutionary. Simple yet sleek design. Very user friendly, curling chamber where you insert the hair, start button, LCD display of the heat temperature, on and off button and heat adjustment. Absolutely love this product. I can curl my hair on the go in a car! Now that’s amazing.

I was immediately impressed by this hair tool. It charged fully very quickly and was ready to use. It heated up fast and worked super well. It was smaller than I expected but it created long-lasting curls easily. It isn't too heavy and it's compact size made it easy to store. I would like the ability to create looser curls with it but it works great

It did a fantastic job curling my hair, and I found it pretty simple to use after I got the hang of it. HOWEVER, I have very thick, medium-long hair (about 3 inches past my shoulders), so I have to do it in sections. I could only curl about 1/3 of my head (about 20-30 minutes) before the battery died and I would have to charge it again, which took several hours (at least 4). I did have it on the hottest setting, but not the longest curl time (I had it on 12 seconds). The instructions state not to plug it in and use it at the same time, so it just wasn’t practical. I’m super bummed that’s the case and I had to send it back for a refund, but I didn’t feel it was worth it if I couldn’t finish my whole head within a couple of hours.

Gets hot quick

I hate doing my hair, like literally hate doing my hair and this is actually very quick at heating up making it so that I actually do it. I had a cheaper one of these when I was younger and have looked for one that was similar every since. This one is much more efficient than the one that I had when I was younger, it is really easy to use and it makes the crimps/curls that I want in like half the time the other one did. It is a very affordable price for something that works so well. The cord makes it easy to maneuver without having to move my position which makes it really easy to work on my daughters hair as well.

I wanted a curler that was easy to use and would give my hair a little bit of a wave, not a curl. I wanted a beachy, natural look. This curler is perfect for that. It is pretty much a crimper, but it gives my hair a very subtle wave.

Beautiful soft case keeping everything easily organized all tool good quality. Nicely packaged. Portable. Exactly what I need to remedy a hang nail I've had driving me crazy.

Once you get the gang of it, it is amazing. It took a little playing but then every curl came out perfect. You use little bits of hair. It also has a setting to switch the curl from left to right so you're curls go the right direction. This is eady to use and my daughter and i both love it

I never have this kind of hair curler that will curl so fast. This is the first time and this curler ia very unique. Wireless cordless and very easy to use it curls in just a minute very great product I cant stop curling my hair now.
Very affordable too ,trust me your money is so worth it of this product.

Foot File and Callus Remover With Built-In Vacuum

I have many expensive curling irons, and wands. But this one is amazing!!! My hair does not keep a curl, but with this I don't use any product and the curls stay all day! I have recommended it to all my friends and it hasn't disappointed yet!

Love This Gadget!

Excellent results. It removed moles and ageing spots! A lot less expensive than the dermatologist. Worth it!

100% easy to use and curls hair beautifully. I love the fact that it doesn't take long to do a whole head. I used it to curl 24in human hair and it came out gorgeous. This is definitly a must buy!! I think every one who loves curls should have this