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4D Electronic Vibration Ball Roller Massager For Face And Body

4D Electronic Vibration Ball Roller Massager For Face And Body

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Wrinkles, dryness, skin looseness, no face... The 4D Electronic Vibration Ball Roller Pulse Massager will help you activate skin regeneration!

Electric Face And Body Massager

Consisting of multiple triangles, through efficient massage, can pull facial muscles, tighten face shape, release the facial relaxation and reduce facial cellulite. Daily massage can smooth fine lines and improve the black rim of the eye, no fears of time goes by. Give your skin best care with our pulse massager.

Electric Handheld Massager For Cellulite Treatment


  • This machine is fixed with two Y-shape located Birkin massage wheels. It permits the perfect massage on your face, waist, bottom, and legs and has a unique slimming effect.
  • By way of a high frequency of vibration, this machine activates and dissolves fat granule, thus slims part of your body in a short time without hard physical exercise.
  • IMPROVE FACE SKIN - For Face Line & Neck Line & Remove Double Chin, help to slimming down your face
  • The machine makes good lymphatic drainage and meridian unclogging by applying high efficient modulated micro current pulse on the skin, acupuncture points and meridians.
  • The microcurrent produces microwaves deeply to the subcutis and muscles to maintain the skin’s elastic fiber, glial tissue and reduces the wrinkles.

Face Body Skin Lifting Machine

Face Skin Lift Products


  1. Button ON/OFF: power switch
  2. Button VM: vibration power switch, total 4 speeds, increased one speed by pressing one time, displayed on LCD as “speed”
  3. Button MC: microcurrent switch, total 3 power levels, increased one level by pressing one time, displayed on as “M-Current”
  4. Button L&M: a switch of 620 nm LED microbial light and current pulse mode; turn off by pressing it long; press shortly to change pulse model of 1/2/3, relating to a pulse duration of 0.5 seconds and 0.25 second, uninterrupted discharge; displayed on LCD as "Model:1/2/3”
  5. During using, turn on the power switch, select one function or several functions together (e.g the vibration speed, microcurrent level and duration, microbial light) and move the machine to act the wheels on the favorite part of your body.
  6. Turn off the power switch after use; this machine can turn off automatically if it is not operated after 20 minutes.

Package Includes:

  • 1* 3D Roller
  • 1* USB cable

Face Lift Skin Rejuvenating Device


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