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Acne Scar Remover - Skin Repair Cream

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Erase any skin dilemma like acne or pimple scars, insect bite marks, stretch marks and surgical scars with our Acne Scar Treatment - Skin Repair Cream!
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This Acne Scar Remover works through the multiple herbal extracts that work together to free your face from acne and pimple scars. This Scar Cream is suitable for Face and Body. Made with natural herbal extracts, our Skin Repair Cream is extremely gentle and safe for all skin types.It penetrates deeply into the skin to remove the cause of skin blemishes. This also minimizes the reappearing of acne.

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Acne Scars Remedy Benefits

  • Contains Advanced Gel Remover: It avoids the appearance of old and new scars through the formulated gel. Effective on scars caused by burns, cuts, operation marks.
  • Makes the Skin Smooth: Get rid of the appearance of scars & achieve clear, smooth skin with this gel by penetrating deep down your skin. It also promotes the regeneration of skin growth factor, stimulates the skin cell and keratinocytes, and produce collagen.
  • Add to your Skincare Routine: Softens scar tissue and reduces pain. Just massage gently once or twice every day.
  • Can be applied to the Whole Body: You can also use this on the face, abs, back, chest, knees, legs and other external areas of the body.
  • Renew your Skin: Softens the scar tissue that improves natural healing and renewal of your skin.
  • Safe Usage: The cream has an anti-inflammatory ingredient that eliminates bacteria. It also nourishes and beautifies our skin, making it smoother and soft in texture.
  • Blends immediately after applying the cream on the skin, the unique texture will be absorbed quickly and it's not greasy.
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How to use:
  1. Use it several times daily.
  2. Before use, clean and disinfect the wounds or scar.
  3. Take the appropriate amount of cream, smear evenly and gently around the acne or scars area.
  4. Massage it until fully absorbed.
Important Note:
  • Please put it in a cool and dry place without the reach of children in case of swallowing or misuse.
Acne Scar Repair Treatment*Disclaimer: Specific results may vary from individual to individual.


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