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Antibacterial Deodorant Foot Spray

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Do you have smelly feet? It is not your fault you have it. But you can do something about it using the Antibacterial Deodorant Foot Spray! 

Foot Spray Disinfectant

This Antibacterial Deodorant Foot Spray will kill all the bacteria causing the bad odor and will leave your feet healthy and odorless in no time. It also helps lessen the foot sweating, cracks, and sores.

Lessen Feet Sweating And Helps Ease Soring Feet

The Antibacterial Deodorant Foot Spray's all-natural herb antibacterial formula will guarantee that it will not irritate any skin type, perfect for even those with sensitive skin. Just spray directly on your feet or even in your shoes and say goodbye to the toughest bad odor with this shoe spray disinfectant! Destroys resilient foot and shoe odor from all types of activities in every type of shoe.


  • Strong enough for the toughest odor from heavily used athletic shoes but safe and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.
  • All-natural herbal formula is safe for anyone's smelly feet.
  • No irritation and will leave you feeling fresh all day!
  • 99.99% antibacterial! Healthy and fungi-free feet all the time!
  • Effective antiperspirant, keep feet cool, exceptionally strong bactericidal function, keep shoes clean, effectively prevent foot odor.
Anti Fungal Shoe Spray Ingredients

Convenient to Use:

  • Unlike foot powders, this foot spray is more convenient to use. It leaves no residue when sprayed on feet and absorbs it fully. The bottle is very handy and you can take it anywhere with you. You can spray anywhere you are.


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