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Professional Handheld Argon Gas Glass Tube Electrotherapy Beauty Device For Acne Therapy And Oxygenate The Skin

Professional Handheld Argon Gas Glass Tube Electrotherapy Beauty Device For Acne Therapy And Oxygenate The Skin

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Look young and feel young with this high-frequency electrotherapy anti-aging device.
High Frequency Facial Machine Reviews
The high-frequency facial is used by estheticians to help treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite, decongest puffy eyes, fade dark eye circles and even rejuvenate the condition of the scalp for improved hair growth. High-frequency electrotherapy heat up the deep tissues, which can translate and eliminate harmful substances, relieve pain, and relax muscles.

Electrotherapy stimulates treatment by applying electrical charges to affected areas of the body. Individuals who experience problems with circulation, pain, tension and stress may benefit from the effects of this therapy. Electrotherapy devices are designed to apply varying intensities of electrical heat to body tissue mass.
How To Use Electrotherapy Beauty Device
Our Professional Handheld Argon Gas Glass Tube Electrotherapy Beauty Device has a glass electrode tube produces a high-frequency current as you apply it to the skin which helps:
  1. Calm the nerves with an optional analgesia function
  2. Sterilize the zone to heal and to restrain pores
  3. Improve secretion causing the skin lean to neutrality
  4. Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism
The 4-in-1 system is designed with 4 treatment mechanisms: indirect and direct high frequency, hair stimulation, and spark method.
High Frequency Beauty Device Results
You can choose the different electrodes to treat your skin problem - mushroom tube for broad area treatment; tongue tube for sensitive areas, such as dark circles beneath eyes; bend tube for spot areas; comb tube for stimulating scalp circulation to grow new hair.
  1. Insert the chosen glass electrode into the high-frequency machine; gently push in the electrode and it should just snap in to place.
  2. Turn the high-frequency machine down to a zero level and turn it on. 
  3. Hold the handle of the high-frequency electrode in the hand that you normally work with and make contact with the electrode and your finger before placing it on to your skin. 
  4. Place the electrode on your skin and remove your finger. 
  5. Increase the intensity to a comfortable setting and move the electrode in small circles around the skin for a maximum of five minutes. 
  6. Place your finger back on the electrode and remove it from your skin. 
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This product worked wonders for my son who suffers from acne. We use it on a low setting Along the patches of affected skin. After the first use there was a difference in the redness and the acne was drying up nicely. Would definitely recommend for this purpose.


Awesome product! Works great for acne! I’ve tried others and this is the best I’ve found! Just like at a spa!


Nice high quality unit , can recharge and this gives skin a facial like going to spa! Love it


It's amazing. It's beyond my imagination.With this magic wand, you can see a different version of yourself every day, as long as you keep using it.It also has many options for easy use.


Love this machine so far! My pores are really small after use, and it’s so simple!


My friend recommends me to try this. I can tell the effect to be good and my skin becomes tenderer.