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Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads For Men & Women

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Get this armpit protection that are invisible to the eye. Stay cool and dry all day!
Best Underarm Sweat Pads

It contains 12 pairs (24 Shields) of highly absorbent, peel & stick, noiseless, thin, discreet, convenient, easily applied unisex disposable underarm pads.

It serves as outstanding sweat protection from odors, stains and sweat wet-thru to outer clothing. You will be secured with the 3 wide adhesive peel-off strips.

Underarm Sweat Pads Reviews


  • CONVENIENT: It is easy to put. Peel and stick directly to the inseam of your favorite shirt or blouse. Perfect for business travel, or anytime on the go!
  • PROTECT YOUR CLOTHING: Our sweat pads stay in place and do not leave any residue behind. No slipping or sliding. Keep your shirts as new while saving on dry cleaning
  • ALWAYS ON THE GO: Don't worry anymore about lifting those arms nor avoiding public exercise. Do not adjust your lifestyle because of sweat. It is time to get working without having to worry about your underarm sweat.

How To Use Sweat Pads

How to use:
  • Remove the adhesive sheet from the pad.
  • Insert the pad inside your clothes (broad side of the pad should be stuck onto the inner side of the sleeve; narrow side of the pad should be stuck onto outer of sleeve).
  • Remove the pad after use.
  • This pad can be cut by yourself to fit your size.


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