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Electric Waterproof Head Scalp Massager For Hair Growth And Relaxation

Electric Waterproof Head Scalp Massager For Hair Growth And Relaxation

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Relieve Your Tension And Get A Sound Sleep!

Do you want to relieve tension and pressure effectively? Our Electric Waterproof Head Scalp Massager helps to reduce fatigue, relieve stress and improve the body's natural regeneration.

Best Scalp Massager For Hair Growth
Electric Waterproof Head Scalp Massager helps to massage pressure points and sensitive nerves on your scalp. It helps to clean scalp and stimulates to promote blood circulation. It can exfoliate gently lifting away dead skin cells. It helps to deliver shampoo efficiently while massaging the scalp.

Electric Scalp Massager For Hair Growth


  • EFFICIENT SCALP MASSAGER: The electric head massager increases blood circulation and relaxes your head with a soothing massage. It removes dirt, dandruff and lifts away dead skin cells. It increases the vitality of the scalp vitality and hair.
  • DURABLE, COMFORTABLE AND SAFE: The ergonomically designed head massager is made of premium quality ABS for long-lasting use. The rubber massage contactor is soft, doesn’t hurt the scalp. No peculiar smell and non-toxic.
  • EFFECTIVE RESULTS: It helps to relieve fatigue, eye fatigue and headache caused by tension and pressure. It can make your heart feel very calm and increase your concentration.
  • CORDLESS AND WATERPROOF: It’s waterproof so you can use it during the bath to massage shampoo into scalp. USB rechargeable built-in battery for convenient carrying.
  • 7 MODES: This head massager has different vibration intensity and frequency. It combines fast and slow speed to meet various needs.

How To Use Electric Scalp Massager


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Customer Reviews

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Love it

Me and my husband love this so much!

It is bigger than I thought

Hoping that it will promote hair growth.

The sleep inducing head massager.

I used this for head massaging functions after oiling my hair. The massager works good. It has good pre set modes. I've become addicted to this now as it gives me a very good night's sleep. That's with every head massager though but this one is easy to hold and works well on a good charge. Overall, I will recommend this..

Powerful vibration speed

The first time I used this massager I really slept like a baby it stimulates ur blood and it's so calming. I now use it on my neck. I wish I could have longer bristles. It's made very well you can change the speed which is a plus. The vibration is strong just what I was looking for. It also has a USB charger that is perfect because I use my phone charger or my laptop to charge it. I highly recommend it. Worth the price.

It’s an ok massager.

It vibrates and has two settings. Its not heavy at all and it comes with a charger which I like. I expected it to have more movement and massage.

Very soothing massage

This scalp massager is easy to charge and has a very relaxing hum to it as you massage your scalp. Don't know if it helped with the hair loss yet, but it feels good!