20ml Nano Facial Mister | Handy Mist Atomization Sprayer – Silky Smooth Solutions

20ml Nano Facial Mister | Handy Mist Atomization Sprayer

20ml Nano Facial Mister | Handy Mist Atomization Sprayer

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Say GOODBYE to acne and dirty pores and HELLO to clear and flawless skin!
A user friendly face sprayer adopted ultrasonic vibration technology and nanoscale hydrating to moisturize skin deeply anytime anywhere. It can produce finest mist in 30 seconds and make sure that it will not ruin the makeup. Very convenient to carry and use, you worth it!
20ml Nano Facial Mister | Handy Mist Atomization Sprayer is easy to carry around with you everywhere you go, making it convenient for you to moisturise your skin anywhere, anytime. It can be used on the face, body, and hair, preventing hair static.
Nano Facial Mister Benefits
*Results May Vary From Individual to Individual
20ml Nano Facial Mister | Handy Mist Atomization Sprayer uses the latest nano technology to convert water into fine water molecules that enter your poles easily and instantly. Our nano technology is so effective that just 8 sprays a day are equivalent to putting on 4 moisturising masks.
  • Comprehensive Moisturising - Use this Nano cool mist moistens Steamer to moisturise and refresh your eyeballs, face, hair and your tired skin instantly. Leaving skin soft and supple, reduce wrinkles, or relieve minor irritations.
  • Easy Operation - Simply sliding down The switch to release a refreshing mist in just moments. It stops in 60 seconds automatically, enabling skin to get a sustainable moisture replenishment.
  • Maintain Flawless Make Up Look - Facial mist spray face sprayer for eyelash extensions beauty skin care machine, produces the Finest ionic mist spray that moisturises without damaging your makeup for a refreshing lift any time.

Nano Facial Mister BenefitsSPECIFICATIONS

  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: about 80g
  • Fog Time: 60-120 seconds
  • Spray Heat: Cold Spray
  • Gear Position: 1 file
  • Packaging Size (cm):12cm x 3.5cm x 3cm


  • 1 x Color Box
  • 1 x Steaming Machine
  • 1 x USB Cable


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Customer Reviews

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Worth it

Love this mister! It’s very fine and you can put a good amount of water or product! My girlfriend puts one part water and one part rose water. It’s a good skin care staple and beauty product.

easy to use

great price and easy to use


If arrived with the box open and the mister falling out. There was no damage. The directions are simple. Add water. I used distilled. It doesn’t exactly say how to turn on except for press button. Don’t hold the button down. Press once and it stays on. Press again and it turns off. I found filling the water cup up only half way is better than full. A full water cup for some reason creates less mist. It works fine for what I need and works at an angle as well. Just keep water handy. It takes one double A battery. It’s decent for the price.

Clean and simple

Super simple, rechargeable, and easy to clean. Great to set lash extensions 👍🏼

Worth the money!

Would definitely buy again