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On-the-go Chic Electric Facial Cleansing Brush With 3 Brush Heads

On-the-go Chic Electric Facial Cleansing Brush With 3 Brush Heads

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Have a deep face cleansing with this on-the-go facial cleansing brush.
Pink Electric Facial Cleansing Device
Do you know that cleansing your face using an exfoliating brush offers a deeper and more thorough cleanse than just using your fingers or a washcloth? The bristles penetrate further into the surface of your skin, getting rid of more dirt, debris, and oil.
That's right! So, here's a cleansing device that will provide you with a fresh, smooth and radiant looking skin after just two weeks of use. Cleansing your face with this face wash brush boosts the blood circulation, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face.
Facial Brush for Deep Cleanse
This facial cleansing brush is especially designed to take care of  your face and effectively clean the dirt in your pores, remove the stubborn blackhead, get rid of the grease and exfoliate your face. Its IP65 level waterproof allows you to clean your while taking shower. 
How To Use Electric Facial Brush
  • Two Speed Settings: This electric exfoliating brush provides deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation with 2-speed modes. The low speed (300rpm) is for delicate, sensitive skin to gently clean and remove make up and dirt; high speed (450rpm) for oily and thicker cuticle skin to deeply exfoliate and brighten skin.
  • Waterproof: This electric facial cleansing brush can be use while taking a shower.
  • Portable Design: Streamline fashionable outlook, ergonomics grip and comfortable to use. It is easy to carry and perfect for traveling.

Where To Buy Facial Cleansing Device

This electric facial brush comes with Replaceable Brush Heads:

  1. Fiber brush head to generally clean the skin thoroughly 
  2. Bamboo charcoal brush head for removing the cutin, cleaning deep pores, acne or dirt
  3. Makeup removal sponge head for removing long-wear makeup and cleaning the surface of the face.

Replaceable Facial Cleansing Brush Heads

Package includes:

  • 1 x Facial Cleansing Device
  • 1 x soft fiber brush head
  • 1 x charcoal brush head
  • 1 x sponge head
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable


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Spin Brush!

So I brought this wonderful new brush that is amazing!! It is super soft on the skin. It is small to travel as well, easy to use and has instructions if you get stuck. The brush is super soft and it does not feel like it’s on your face. The other facial cleansers I users I use are not this soft. I am thankful that I found this company and ordered this brush.

I hope it has a long life! love it!

I bought this because the air quality is getting worse and these days I start to have acne. I like! It comes with three brush heads made for different purposes. The brush is very soft but still cleans the face. The cleansing brush is small enough to fit in my makeup bag. At first I was confused about how to open it. The cleansing brush must hold down the power button for a few seconds before it can turn on in two speeds. It must be noted that the bottom cover must be sealed after charging to avoid water leakage during later use. I recommend this product without regrets.

High quality, comfortable to use.

 I really like this facial cleaning brush because it does it's job at cleaning your face well and clearing out pores, etc., but it is also gentle on your face. I don't find that my face is super red after using it, and I have pretty sensitive skin on my face. It's easy to use, isn't awkward to handle, and is overall just a very nice thing to have in your bathroom.

wakes up your face

This brush is a great deal. It feels great to use it. I put on some exfoliator, make sure the brush is wet, and start on the first speed. The second speed is great on less sensitive areas. Do not apply much pressure, the brush does the work. It is soft but you feel the scrub. My face feels so soft after use it is great.

Excellent product for facial skin care!!! Recommended!

I love my face brush! After every use, my face feels so magical. This brush comes in 2 speeds, making it easy to transition from low to high speeds when using it.


I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new face brush. If something happens, this is my first choice and I will buy it again.