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Spiral Curlers 18Pcs 25cm

Spiral Curlers 18Pcs 25cm

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Thinking of curling your hair heatless? Now you can with our Spiral Curlers.
Spiral Hair Curlers
Curls, waves, volume has never been easy to achieve with no heat damage. Just let damp hair dry naturally inside Spiral Curlers unique patented mesh construction or use gentle heat if you wish and see the end result.


  • The Spiral Curlers will give your hair lift,curls and waves easily
  • Creates a unique fashionable style
  • No need for chemicals with this natural hair styling tool set
  • The Spiral Curlers Rollers is quick, easy to use and safe to create good curls

Heatless Curlers For Short Hair

How to use:

  1. Wet your hair to 40% damp
  2. Section your hair into several sections
  3. Comb your hair to loosen the tangle
  4. Insert the stick into the rubber curler
  5. Grab a small section of your hair, twist it and hook it to the stick
  6. Gently pull the stick out from the rubber curler
  7. Adjust the curler to the position according to your preference
  8. Repeat steps until it is done
  9. Blow dry each and every rubber curler and make sure it is heated thoroughly

Spiral Hair Perm Rods

To maximize the effect:

  • Do not insert too much hair in a curler.
  • Make sure hair is at least 40% damp
  • Heat each of the curler thoroughly
  • Use hair product such as mousse or hair spray to have a more lasting curl.
  • Keep the curler on your hair after blow drying for an hour


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Spiral Hair Perm Rods